World Soil Day 2015 conference


Decoding the impact of nature in our lives. 

World Soil Day - Soils and Climate Thursday 3 December 2015

Under the High Patronage of the Ministry of Ecology,
Sustainable Development and Energy (MEDDE) and
the Ministry of Agriculture, Agri-food and Forestry (MAAF)

With the sponsorship of Stéphane Le Foll
Minister of Agriculture, Agri-food and Forestry (MAAF),
Government spokesperson and Joël Labbé, Senator of Morbihan

Our Story


 The mechanism to welcome latecomers or new arrivals in the Vaugirard room, where the World Day conference des Sols, captured in the Monnerville room, was broadcast simultaneously, making it possible to cope with the morning and afternoon crowds.
– Thus the TV shoots (Public Senate) and the video capture were able to take place without noise or unwanted movements during all the recorded sequences.
– Compared to previous years, we confirm the success of the audience (full reservations, full room), the diversification, the renewal (between morning and afternoon) and the enlargement of the audience (associations, actors in the field, teachers ).
– We also noted the attraction brought by the Prizes, the arrival of journalists (including AFP, France Agricole, Journal de l’Environnement, etc.) and the Parliamentary Channel (Public Senate), the close convergences with Humanity and Biodiversity and FNE in particular (but not only).

Now is the time to act!

Study of the Soil

A wide and descriptive take on soil with a view to change things and help you understand the different features and combinations that keep it going.

Excess chemical inputs

Acknowledging the period of action with the impact of chemical inputs and how they have been able to bring about a difference in our lives.


Understanding the causes, promotional factors, and other related aspects of erosion to broaden the study and help everyone be aware of the right steps to counter the same.

Our Motto

The Parliamentary Club for the Protection and Study of Soils

News Updates

Energy Saving Building Codes For Commercial Buildings

Energy Saving Building Codes For
Commercial Buildings
In order to create a sustainable community, building developers must consider both the
economic benefits and environmental impact of their buildings ฟิล์มอัจฉริยะ. Energy saving building codes are
now mandatory for commercial buildings in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. These
regulations are implemented through the Natural Resources Defense Council and administrative
staff colleges. The goal is to have these new laws apply to all buildings by 2018.

Energy Efficient Building Design: 23 Key Features To Consider
Buildings account for about 40% of the energy used in the United States. In contrast, they
consume nearly seventy percent of electricity ติดฟิล์มกระจกบ้าน. Globally, the floor area of urban buildings is
expected to double by 2060. As a result, cities, states, and utilities will face increasing
challenges to meet their energy goals. This is why incentives for energy efficiency are
increasing. Building owners will save money in the long run by making sure their buildings are
designed to be energy-efficient.
Energy-efficient buildings reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Some buildings are located in city
centers, where workers can use public transportation instead of driving. Alternatively, they can
take advantage of the natural light by placing large windows and glass doors. This will help
reduce utility costs as well. However, these advantages can only be realized when buildings are
designed to meet a variety of standards. This includes LEED certification. There are various
benefits of implementing energy saving building standards in commercial buildings.
Commercial buildings are often concerned with ROI. By reducing the amount of energy they
consume, they save money on heating and cooling costs. They also have a longer lifespan and
require fewer repairs. This means that energy-efficient buildings can be sold for top dollar.
These benefits make them a great investment for any business. It is important to understand
how energy-efficient buildings affect the bottom line, and the economics of each type of building.
And while there are some initial costs involved, the long-term savings will pay for the cost of the
The DOE has a new initiative that aims to accelerate the adoption of energy-saving building
measures in commercial buildings. Through this initiative, corporate entities work with building
experts in the private sector and the national laboratories to create low-energy building plans.

New Building Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash
This initiative will test and measure these new plans. Achieving these goals will benefit
everyone. In the end, it will reduce energy costs for both businesses and the environment. The
energy-saving building plans will help the government reach its goals.
A new model for thermal comfort in buildings has been developed to calculate thermal comfort. It
considers the effects of temperature, humidity, and wind speed on building thermal comfort. It
also analyzes how windows of different materials affect energy consumption. The article also
considers the thermal comfort of a building’s occupants. Using multiple angles to analyze
thermal comfort can help designers make more energy-saving decisions and build a more
comfortable home. It also promotes environmental awareness.
By using a high-granularity modeling approach, the potential savings of buildings can be
assessed and targeted in different segments. The NYC case study identified seven steps to
prepare a building stock analysis. These steps include selecting the stakeholders to include in

the project, data collection, modeling scenarios, and audience selection. The steps outlined in
the case study guide the development of an energy-saving building stock model. In this process,
the goal is to identify the best energy-efficient buildings and the most energy-efficient ones.

How to Look Younger With a Beauty Device

How to Look Younger With a Beauty Device
If you want to look good for a night out on the town, consider purchasing a multifunctional beauty
device. This device combines LED light, microcurrent, heat and massage to smooth out fine
lines and wrinkles, and even out skin tone face lifting machine. In addition to reducing the appearance of fine lines,
the SolaWave can help with dark spots, dark circles and other complexion problems. This device
was used on Emma Chamberlain for her recent photo shoot.

5 Secrets for Youthful Skin to Look 5 Years Younger (ft.Beauty Within) |  Wrinkle-Free Healthy Skin - YouTube
Multifunctional skin care beauty device
Using the Multifunctional Skin Care Beauty Device is an effective daily therapy. It features 4
skincare technologies that are highly effective for achieving your desired beauty 法令纹消除. EMS
(electromagnetic fields) lifts skin cells and encourages collagen production. RF (radio frequency)
tightens skin. Low-level EMS microcurrent induces a lift in the skin and stimulates new collagen
and elastin production. Finally, sonic vibration massages dull skin, revitalizing its appearance.
Red light therapy
Red light therapy is a new technology that is starting to catch on in the beauty world. Known for
its many benefits, it has been used to treat acne, dark circles, and fine lines. This beauty device
uses facial massaging techniques and microcurrent technology to stimulate deep layers of skin.
Users can enjoy a range of cosmetic benefits from reducing the appearance of fine lines and
wrinkles to boosting collagen production. In addition to improving the skin’s overall appearance,
red light therapy also helps patients with certain skin diseases and scars.

The use of microneedling as a beauty device has many benefits. It stimulates the skin’s natural
healing process, resulting in increased collagen production. In addition to smoothing wrinkles,
the healing process promotes the production of new skin cells, thereby improving skin texture
and tone. Microneedling is also a useful treatment for stretch marks on the thighs and stomach.
The benefits of microneedling are not limited to improving the appearance of wrinkles and other
skin imperfections.
Supersonic skin scrubber
The supersonic skin scrubber is a great way to improve the quality of your skin and make it look
younger. Its unique combination of Sonoforesis and deep cleansing action works to remove
dead skin cells and prepare the surface for deeper hydration. This will allow your skin care
products to penetrate deeper into your skin, providing a brighter, more radiant complexion. In
addition, the machine also has an automatic shut-off feature, so you can use it whenever you
The SolaWave beauty device glides across the skin without any pain. However, it may not be

suitable for everyone. Pregnant women, people with pacemakers, and people with certain
medical conditions should not use it. It is also not recommended for use in areas treated with
Juvaderm or Botox. The SolaWave is not suitable for pregnant women. Moreover, it may cause
complications during pregnancy.
The Droplette beauty device uses a revolutionary aerosol technology that allows a precise
amount of skincare product to enter your skin. The company has developed patents for its core
delivery technology and the way that the capsule fits into the device. This technology allows the
droplets to break the skin’s barrier and penetrate deeper. As a result, you can get longer-lasting
hydration. Here’s how it works. You’ll love how it feels on your skin and how it works.

Bet On Th Famous Online Casino Site

Bet On Th Famous Online Casino Site

Online gambling has gotten potentially the most empowering ways to deal with wager around, empowering you to have a turn at a betting machine or play a hand of poker, any spot you wind up being. Most online club and other betting objections are as of now offering a versatile type of their regions to their players 12joker, and many are moreover coming up with innovative and normal applications. These applications redesign the playing experience on the wireless a lot further.

 The current young people live in an overall population where approved wagering isn’t simply socially agreeable; it is extensively cutting-edge and significantly recognizable. Poker rivalries complete with ace talk, fascinating shooting focuses, and million-dollar prizes have become “hot ticket” unscripted TV on connection and broadband associations. 

Given the inescapability, penetrability, and style right now remained to wager, it isn’t dumbfounding that various adolescents are pulled in to the second joy, surge, and any craving for fast money. The three ruling reasons definite by youths for wagering are

  1. The enthusiasm it brings 
  2. to win cash
  3. Satisfaction 

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Benefits of online casino

In light of web wagering’s virtual thought, it’s hard for players to affirm the adequacy of destinations they’re abuse. In a genuine club, anomaly and deck revising can not be checked by visual suggests that it is reasonable. Players act with different players through GUIs, that join with the wagering site’s labourer in a non-clear manner. Players’ points of view towards objections expect a basic part in on-line purchases and client endurance. Nonattendance of trust in part frameworks and security square measure principal explanations behind sidestepping on-line betting. In a web study, 838 on-line club and poker players from more than 96 countries, respondents concurring on a certain level of the subject of on-line wagering. 91.5% acknowledged that great untouchable reports on haphazardness and payouts were essential to achieve their trust, yet the contrastive assessment shows that these outcasts’ seals-of-support doesn’t influence buying conduct, nor square measure customers to a great extent careful to their world.

Choosing the Right Online Casinos: What to Consider | Neo Prime Sport


Step by step instructions to quit gambling for good

For some difficult players, it’s not halting wagering that is the best test, yet fairly staying in recovery—making an enduring commitment to abstain from wagering. The Internet has made wagering more open and harder for recovering addicts to keep an essential separation from losing faith. Web-based betting clubs and bookmakers are open the whole day, reliably for anyone with a wireless or permission to a PC. Notwithstanding, keeping up recovery from wagering obsession or issue wagering is at this point possible if you enclose yourself with people to whom you’re liable, make an effort not to allure conditions and destinations, give up control of your assets (at any rate from the beginning), and find better activities to replace wagering in your life.


Responsible Gambling Options (RGFs) square measure choices that on-line betting locales use to advertise responsible conduct and scale back hurt. These hug restricting sums will be wagered or stored over a picked measure of your time, self-appraisal tests for betting issues, and cautioning indications of delayed play or high consumption.

Beginner guide to select the right touch screen display

Beginner guide to select the right touch screen display

Today, touch screens are rapidly increasing among people. It is considered an important device for everyday life. People are operating various touch screen displays for several purposes at present. The projection screen display is a crucial part of several business functions. It enhances the brand visibility and portability of your business digital touch signage. When choosing a touch screen solution, you have to compare with another which assists you to select the best device. It is elegant to maintain and save your space. It allows consumers to interact and connects with businesses. By using a touch screen, you might perform various functions on your business. This solution lets the business enhance customers experience in the field. 

Full Service China Sourcing | Trans-Pacific Facilitators

Types of touch screen:

You must have to explore important things about shopping for this device. It comes with various types like capacitive touchscreen and resistive touch screen. It helps you pick the best multi touch solution in the office. The resistive touch screen contains metallic and flexible layers that allow you to use any object easily. It is cost effective and elegant to access your business. It let you work and sort anything from tool, pen, and others. The capacitive screen contains a conductor and insulator. The result of the screen change on the electric charge. It is expensive than the other screen. It let you access it for a long time without hassle. In addition, it helps you access the perfect display on your business and perform all tasks. 

Screen size:

 Digital screens are available in different features in the market. Size is also an essential thing in buying this device. It assists you to pick the best display that fits your space. People are buying it to maximize sales of the retail store. The price of the display differs based on the size. It helps you assist you to save expenses on buying this device. It will change your retail environment and offer a great solution for you. Choosing a perfect display helps you complete works smartly. It is an essential factor for people who look for this projector. It assists you to buy the topmost display that suits your budget. 

The 10 Best LCD Display for Raspberry Pi for Beginners 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Why touch screen used in corporate?

In the corporate sector, various touch screens are accessed by employees. It is operated to enhance the productivity of the business. The touch screen solution in corporate offers many benefits for users. It is operated in the conference rooms, lobby and reception areas. It helps businesses to visualize images, data through video. The touch screen solution supports different applications. It contains various touch points and customizable to access. It offers direct accessibility and navigation by touch control. It let you convey the message easily to others through screen monitors. It is designed with the latest technology, different shape, and size. It has gained more popularity in various retail fields. It gives several opportunities to corporate increase their business position. So, go through essential things while purchasing a digital touch screen for your organization. 

Online Marketing Solutions You Need to Be Sure Of

Online Marketing Solutions You Need to Be Sure Of

Clear, long-term and well-thought-out online marketing strategies should be the backbone of every marketing activity on the Internet digital marketing in malaysia. In addition to all long-term perspectives, there are always a number of possibilities and approaches for rapid implementation (so-called “quick wins”). They merely point out to the user that the page they are looking for does not exist.. For example, if it’s a blog, you could feature your top rated or most read posts. If, on the other hand, it is an online shop, it makes sense to integrate the search function on the 404 page or to present popular products / categories.

This is why the 404 page should always be analyzed. On the one hand, you can determine how many sessions (visits) have come to this page and on the other hand, how users have behaved. If people come to you and praise you, invite them to write a review, so you will collect real, lively and emotional responses to the work of your organization. Testimonials are a very powerful tool and motivate people to trust the company. After all, this is social proof that you can be trusted.

Image result for Online Marketing Solutions You Need

High-Quality Photo Content

Photos in the blog and in social media groups must be relevant to the stated topic. Also, make sure that the photos depict your potential buyers One Search Pro marketing. Don’t post glossy photos of happy people or half-naked girls. It is better to choose the most suitable images for your target audience.

Usability of the Site and Landing Pages

Are they convenient enough for viewing and studying information? Can people easily understand what your company is doing and how quickly they can navigate the information on the site? How easy is it to find a catalog of goods and contacts for communication? If a point is in doubt, then think about how you can improve it.

The client should like the site. So think about design, fonts, use of colors. And, of course, do not forget about the mobile version of the site, which is more relevant today than ever. People are increasingly using mobile devices to access the Internet, so the usability on a mobile site should also be taken into account, and information displayed correctly.

Give up “cheap” ways to grab the customer’s attention

Banners and pop-ups at the wrong time on the site annoy users. I want to leave such sites. So don’t annoy your visitors. Minimalism is in vogue today, not motley flashing banners.

Image result for Online Marketing Solutions You Need

Show the results of your work. 

Your entire content marketing strategy should be designed to get people to believe you. If so, then you should continually replenish your materials with real evidence of results from the use of your products and demonstrate to your customers.

Include Open Graph Tags

Open Graph Tags provide (similar to title and Meta description in Google search results) for an improved display of the preview of a page that is to be shared via Facebook. Here are two examples of title and image optimization in Open Graphs: The title is marked in the head area of ​​a website and would look like this, for example:

<meta property = “og: title” content = “18 tips that you can implement in one day”>

The Open Graph can also be used to set a preview image that optimally addresses the target group: You can find currently available Open Graph tags and best practices in Facebook’s developer documentation on Open Graph Tags. 

Surprising things about baby shower

Surprising things about baby shower:

The baby shower is a private ceremony that celebrating the arrival of a baby. In the mother bump baby monitor for twins, the baby will hear whatever you do outside so when you celebrate this type of function then it will give more happiness to the mother and the kid too. And the mother to be can get so many gifts from relatives, friends, and others. Even elder people will bless her to give birth to the baby in a safe way. And this is the first celebration for the baby’s life and people who around the mother to care for them, this baby shower will help them to get so many gifts and lots of love from their relatives.

14 Creative Baby Gender Reveal Ideas - MomCanvas | Creative gender reveals, Gender reveal pictures, Gender reveal balloons

How to organize the best baby shower?

For everyone it is a very good feeling to welcoming their baby and the celebration for that will be too grand and also very cool. So here are seven basic tips that help you to organize the best baby shower party so try to read it. but not everyone will get this opportunity to celebrate this so you have to celebrate very happily twins baby monitor. Finally, the first tip is choosing the date plays a major role because people who you invite for this occasion will be available on that date. Then selecting the venue is the next one and you can select a traditional venue or party hall choice is yours and it based on the number of members you are inviting.

And preparing a guest list is the most important thing in a baby shower because you will not invite everyone to this occasion at the same time you invite some of the important people so try to prepare a list that will help you to invite everyone. Then determining the theme of an occasion includes party invitation, decoration, and refreshment. And you can get those ideas from the mom to be by discussing with them. Most importantly, the invitation you are going to send to your relatives should be three weeks in advance because then only they can plan well and come to there. The sixth tip is to organize the games and this will help you to take the party to be very fun. And the final tip is refreshment, keep one thing in your mind that every people notice in the party hall is food so try to serve the best food to them and make them happy.

Baby Shower Etiquette: How to Plan a Baby Shower

How to provide the best refreshment?

If you are going to plan for this occasion then try to get help from those who organized before. Otherwise, search on the internet for more ideas even there are so many event planners are available. If you book them then they will manage everything such as decoration and refreshment too. so that you can feel free and enjoy the full fun and happiness in the party. Even they will make this party to be fun with their innovative ideas. So, try to make use of them.

Which are the Applications of touch screen technology in various areas

Contemporary Retail Store Design Photos, Design, Ideas, Remodel, and Decor - LonnyWhich are the Applications of touch screen technology in various areas?

A Specific Might Define a touchscreen as input is on average layered atop of a powerful visual display system capable of communicating information. It empowers users to control or input the data and information by either one or multi-touches using a predetermined stylus or finger.

Certain smartglass projection screen display demands the usage of routine or specially coated gloves for them to work, while others only require some kind of special pencil or stylus. Based on the sort of touchscreen users may make changes from what exactly is being displayed such as expanding the text font with a special feature.

Touch Screen apparatus such as kiosk touchscreen additionally ease direct interaction between users and also what’s being displayed, eliminating the necessity of a touchpad mouse, or even other similar apparatus.

Modern retail 3D model - TurboSquid 1431207Various Initial concerns encircling touch screens

Despite their many benefits and technological capacities, there remain definite concerns which have the application of touch screen displays:

Dirt And harm through excessive usage

Because Many projection screen displays are used with finger touches or other similar ways, they are normally at risk of dirt, scratches, and even damage. Once these dilemmas arise, its performance skills will somewhat reduce.

Poor onscreen calibration

Whenever A touchscreen lacks proper calibration, it’s going to most likely lose its capacity to offer accurate or dependable answers and sometimes might even don’t find touches.

Lagging Functioning system or applications

One’s attempts to, correctly maintain their touchscreens os could float on certain occasions, making it to not comprehend inputs become slow, or merely unresponsive.

The use of touchscreens in a variety of areas

The Following are a few of the chief areas where touchscreens are mainly utilized now;

Commercial offices

Smart glass film price Touch Screens can be found in a lot of ways in office surroundings, from snapping of IDs and entering thumbprints to acquire access, to actual office computers that want simple touch gestures to get both data entry and verification of unique tasks.

Media houses

Media Houses are likely a few of the regions where touchscreens are used. This can vary in coverage of the weather, touching states and numbers throughout an election, or if reporting major events.

Additionally, With new era touchscreens, reporters from the studio only should touch a specific screen, along with their colleague who’s on location can look as if they have been there at the room together with them.

Seminars And board meetings

People Involved in people talking and firms holding board meetings regularly utilize touchscreens therefore they are easily able to highlight certain factors and facets, which could require too much time or establish impractical with a computer mouse or mouse.

Automated teller machines

In the modern World, sets from getting money in an ATM, to paying your utility bills would be achieved with a touchscreen. That is only because it permits faster processing of trades, and gets rid of the necessity for paperwork which can cause long queues.


The Different Methods for Soil Preservation

Soil Preservation

The importance of soil preservation has gained its audience, and people are coming to realize more about the same. But one cannot do so without understanding the different methods of preservation. These methods may have been a creation of the past or a recent innovation that has managed to bring the right kind of results. Regardless of however one sees it, these methods are essential, and one needs to follow it.

Terrace Farming

Terrace farming is a unique method that involves carving flat levels areas into hills. In order to make it work, steps tend to be formed by the terraces, which in turn are surrounded by a mud wall. Due to that, soil nutrients remain a part of the picture and will not be leaving the party. But this method cannot be practiced at all kinds of locations because several restrictions come into place.

Terrace Farming

Perimeter Runoff Control

This is a simple process of planting shrubs, trees, and ground cover around the area of your farmland. Thanks to that, surface flows will be impeded, and nutrients of the soul remain in the farmed soil. While there are other ways to make this happen, shrubs and trees are the common methods that everyone likes to practice. So if you wish to employ the same technique, then further expand your knowledge about the same.

Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is a standard method that is practiced at all major farming areas in the world. As a process, it is a simple one that involves crops such as turnips and is rotated with cash crops to blanket the soil throughout the year. These then produce green manure that later replenishes nitrogen and various other critical nutrients. Moreover, if one were to use cover crops, the process can also suppress weeds.

Crop Rotation

Agrostological Measures

The process of planting grass in heavily eroded areas is known as an agrostological measure, and it is one among the most essential farming practices. As it cultivates grass in rotation with regular crops, the nutrient level in soil tends to increase, and one will begin to notice the difference. Upon harvesting, the fodder can also be used for cattle. Due to that, you are bound to receive several benefits by just practicing one simple technique.

Green Manures

These are a different set of crops that are mainly grown to fertilize the farmland. As a result, the process does not cover the need to grow green manures for produce or food usage since it focuses on one objective. Thanks to the implementation of such techniques, the soil structure gets improved, and the growth of weed gets diminished.

Hence, those were a few of the different methods for soil preservation.