World Soil Day 2015 conference


Decoding the impact of nature in our lives. 

World Soil Day - Soils and Climate Thursday 3 December 2015

Under the High Patronage of the Ministry of Ecology,
Sustainable Development and Energy (MEDDE) and
the Ministry of Agriculture, Agri-food and Forestry (MAAF)

With the sponsorship of Stéphane Le Foll
Minister of Agriculture, Agri-food and Forestry (MAAF),
Government spokesperson and Joël Labbé, Senator of Morbihan

Our Story


 The mechanism to welcome latecomers or new arrivals in the Vaugirard room, where the World Day conference des Sols, captured in the Monnerville room, was broadcast simultaneously, making it possible to cope with the morning and afternoon crowds.
– Thus the TV shoots (Public Senate) and the video capture were able to take place without noise or unwanted movements during all the recorded sequences.
– Compared to previous years, we confirm the success of the audience (full reservations, full room), the diversification, the renewal (between morning and afternoon) and the enlargement of the audience (associations, actors in the field, teachers ).
– We also noted the attraction brought by the Prizes, the arrival of journalists (including AFP, France Agricole, Journal de l’Environnement, etc.) and the Parliamentary Channel (Public Senate), the close convergences with Humanity and Biodiversity and FNE in particular (but not only).

Now is the time to act!

Study of the Soil

A wide and descriptive take on soil with a view to change things and help you understand the different features and combinations that keep it going.

Excess chemical inputs

Acknowledging the period of action with the impact of chemical inputs and how they have been able to bring about a difference in our lives.


Understanding the causes, promotional factors, and other related aspects of erosion to broaden the study and help everyone be aware of the right steps to counter the same.

Our Motto

The Parliamentary Club for the Protection and Study of Soils

News Updates

Which are the Applications of touch screen technology in various areas

Contemporary Retail Store Design Photos, Design, Ideas, Remodel, and Decor - LonnyWhich are the Applications of touch screen technology in various areas?

A Specific Might Define a touchscreen as input is on average layered atop of a powerful visual display system capable of communicating information. It empowers users to control or input the data and information by either one or multi-touches using a predetermined stylus or finger.

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Modern retail 3D model - TurboSquid 1431207Various Initial concerns encircling touch screens

Despite their many benefits and technological capacities, there remain definite concerns which have the application of touch screen displays:

Dirt And harm through excessive usage

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Lagging Functioning system or applications

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The use of touchscreens in a variety of areas

The Following are a few of the chief areas where touchscreens are mainly utilized now;

Commercial offices

Smart glass film price Touch Screens can be found in a lot of ways in office surroundings, from snapping of IDs and entering thumbprints to acquire access, to actual office computers that want simple touch gestures to get both data entry and verification of unique tasks.

Media houses

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Seminars And board meetings

People Involved in people talking and firms holding board meetings regularly utilize touchscreens therefore they are easily able to highlight certain factors and facets, which could require too much time or establish impractical with a computer mouse or mouse.

Automated teller machines

In the modern World, sets from getting money in an ATM, to paying your utility bills would be achieved with a touchscreen. That is only because it permits faster processing of trades, and gets rid of the necessity for paperwork which can cause long queues.


The Different Methods for Soil Preservation

Soil Preservation

The importance of soil preservation has gained its audience, and people are coming to realize more about the same. But one cannot do so without understanding the different methods of preservation. These methods may have been a creation of the past or a recent innovation that has managed to bring the right kind of results. Regardless of however one sees it, these methods are essential, and one needs to follow it.

Terrace Farming

Terrace farming is a unique method that involves carving flat levels areas into hills. In order to make it work, steps tend to be formed by the terraces, which in turn are surrounded by a mud wall. Due to that, soil nutrients remain a part of the picture and will not be leaving the party. But this method cannot be practiced at all kinds of locations because several restrictions come into place.

Terrace Farming

Perimeter Runoff Control

This is a simple process of planting shrubs, trees, and ground cover around the area of your farmland. Thanks to that, surface flows will be impeded, and nutrients of the soul remain in the farmed soil. While there are other ways to make this happen, shrubs and trees are the common methods that everyone likes to practice. So if you wish to employ the same technique, then further expand your knowledge about the same.

Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is a standard method that is practiced at all major farming areas in the world. As a process, it is a simple one that involves crops such as turnips and is rotated with cash crops to blanket the soil throughout the year. These then produce green manure that later replenishes nitrogen and various other critical nutrients. Moreover, if one were to use cover crops, the process can also suppress weeds.

Crop Rotation

Agrostological Measures

The process of planting grass in heavily eroded areas is known as an agrostological measure, and it is one among the most essential farming practices. As it cultivates grass in rotation with regular crops, the nutrient level in soil tends to increase, and one will begin to notice the difference. Upon harvesting, the fodder can also be used for cattle. Due to that, you are bound to receive several benefits by just practicing one simple technique.

Green Manures

These are a different set of crops that are mainly grown to fertilize the farmland. As a result, the process does not cover the need to grow green manures for produce or food usage since it focuses on one objective. Thanks to the implementation of such techniques, the soil structure gets improved, and the growth of weed gets diminished.

Hence, those were a few of the different methods for soil preservation.